Savoury Hamper

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John West Pink Salmon 213 gm
Ritz Crackers 200 gm
Jacobs Twiglets 200 gm
Jacobs Biscuits for Cheese 900 gm
Regal Lightly Salted Popcorn 150 gm
Nairns Fine Oatcakes 250 gm
Princes Tuna Chunks in spring water 145 gm
Baxters Luxury Cullen Skink soup 400 gm x 2
Baxters Lobster Bisque soup 400 gm x 2
Baxters Beef Consome soup 400 gm x 2
Baxters Cream of Asparagus soup 400 gm x 2
Kingfisher Shredded Crab 145 gm
Van Smirren Cockles cooked and pickled 205 gm

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